Thank you all so very much!!

I can't believe that it has been over two months since I last blogged!! I would like to say a heartfelt thank you to everyone who has emailed me words of encouragement during this time. They each came just when I needed that extra bit of love and encouragement to keep going. Thank you so much!!! The kids, Paige and Timmy, are doing absolutely wonderful and their transition to living with us has been easier than either of us expected. On the other hand dealing with my family has been an absolute nightmare and has pushed me to the edge more than once. Not much surprises me when it comes to my parents actions but they have been more horrible to us than I could ever have imagined and my sister Jessica. . . well, I never thought that she would or could hurt me so much. I just have to believe that I am strong enough to make it through and seeing the changes in Paige and Timmy has been worth it all. My sister Jeana and my niece Ashley and Ashley's husband Lee have stood with us through all of this and I will be forever proud of and thankful for each of them. Just wanted to post a quick update and let you know that I've started stamping again and will post pictures soon. Again, thanks to you all!!!