Can you say procrastinator?

Lately I have become such a procrastinator!! I wait until the last minute to design projects for my classes and then wait until the last minute to set up for the classes themselves. This leads to me stressing myself out and then getting cranky at my DH who feels that it is his obligation to tell me that I shouldn't have waited until the last minute. Does he not know that this is not the time to share those words of wisdom. Just a little vent . . . lol.


I designed this card for my nieces 16th birthday party. I have been seeing the Prima flowers on SCS for quite a while and really wanted to try them so I put in an order for some. I wasn't really sure of what size to get but under the large it said that they were about 1" across with 2 sizes. I figured they would give the measurement of the larger of the sizes, not! I received them and the large are about 2½" (white ones on the card) across. Much bigger than I wanted so I placed another order for the small ones thinking that these would be about ½", wrong again! These ones (the pink one on the card) is maybe ¼". Now I have an order in for the medium ~ hopefully these are the size I have been looking for. Oh well, now at least I can give informed advise if anyone else has questions regarding the different sizes.


Do you ever get in a rut and need a change? Well, that is how I came to Blogger. I've had a blog at Xanga for quite a few years but never found my groove. I tried to make it an online diary but had a hard time opening up when I had no idea who was reading it. Then I changed to a "what's happening in my life" but came to realize that, other than rehashing my past, my life isn't all that interesting. Finally I decided to change it into a Stamping blog (woo hoo), but . . . after being there for almost 4 years I needed a change. I'm not closing down my blog over there because over the years I have quite a few online friends that I want to keep in touch with. So here it goes, another venture into the blogging world. Do you think I'll do any better here? I hope so!
This is a card that we made at our April Class. It's hard to tell the difference but the flowers are Barely Banana and the stems are Certainly Celery. I know that a brown card isn't very springy but I just love the look of the brown and banana together. I'm trying to step away from having to use black on every card as an accent color. I haven't strayed very far but as Bob says, "Baby Steps".